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D.I.Y. Hoop Designer

Welcome to the DIY Hoop Designer! 
Here you can design your very own custom hoop from scratch!

  1. Start by choosing your tubing material, thickness, and diameter.

  2. Next decide whether you would like your hoop to be reflective, or glow in the dark, & its style.

  3. Then choose your deco tape(s) and their style!

  4. Add some Glitter gaffer or Grip Gaffer to your hoop!

  5. Sit back and relax while we carefully hand craft your custom designed hoop(s), JUST FOR YOU!
    If you arent interested in a step,  skip it! (Step 1 is required)

Step 1 - Tubing

Step 2 - Reflective or Glow 

Step 3 - Deco Tape

Step 4 - Gaffer

Go to our Naked Hoops section, add your hoop to the cart, then come back here to design it with steps 2-4!

Single Hoop Designer

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Doubles/Minis Hoop Designer

Quads/Minis Hoop Designer

Beginner Hoop Designer

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