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BombDiggity Spins "Bomb Squad"

We have a wonderful team of BombDiggity Sponsees and would love to introduce them to you! Scroll through to learn about our team members!

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Danielle - @sweet_deesel (Ohio)

Mandie - @shesweiird (Ohio)

Erin - @givemethegoodvibes (Ohio)

Krystan - @krystan.hekate (Ohio)

Meg - @lunakittimarie (Texas)

Whitney - @hoopsteady15 (Ohio)

Breanna - @Breannaa.Renee (North Carolina)

Sarah - @pandoraspins (Ohio)
Sara R. - Ohno.Juggzilla (Ohio)

Lilly - @lilly_flows (Ohio)

Kendra - @k.livingincircles_ (Ohio)

Stephanie - @soulflow_butterfly (Connecticut)

Paige - @dizzydrix (Michigan)

Briana - @hoopityscoop (Virginia)

Jekya - @kashe_circles (Wisconsin)

Kyrstin - @hometreeflow (North Carolina)

Jess - @lochjesmonster (Ohio)


Hooping Since  2015

A.K.A: Sweet Dee

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Born & raised in Columbus, FLOhio. I love the way I loose myself in my flow. Flow helps us inspire each one another and I’m so thankful to have flow arts in my life. Since discovering hooping, I’ve expanded my flow to include other props.  Poi is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, and I love how a lot of the moves transfer to double hoops.

Code: Sweetdee15


Hooping Since


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Hello! My name is Erin and I am addicted to the Good Vibes flow life has brought me!

Code: Goodvibes15


Hooping Since  2014

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I LOVE HOOPING; I hoop for exercise, I hoop for fun, and I hoop to be happy. 

Code: Stayweiird15


Hooping Since  

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Hello my name is Krystan Pencil, I currently live in Columbus Ohio, but my home is Alabama and Florida. I have been in the scene for about a year now. I fell in love with it since day 1, my best friend Joel was headlining a festival called Kinetic Fire, I had no idea flow existed, and now I can’t stop! . Props I use are Hoop, Double hoop, Poi, Baton, I’m currently learning dragon staff, fire fans, and levi wand very excited to start that journey! I’am the manager and co-founder of a group of very talented ladies called the Tantalizing Tigers, check them out at,

Code: Tiger15


Hooping Since  2014

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Hey I'm Bree! You may know me as Half Moon Hoops. I was born and raised in New York but have been happily living in Asheville, North Carolina since I turned 20. I have been a flow artist for 4 years now and specialize in hoop dance. I do spin a variety of props, including dragon staff, poi, and fans. I love teaching workshops at different music festivals and events. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my passion with others.

Code: Halfmoon15


Hooping Since 2012

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Hey all! I'm Sarah. I live in a small town outside of Bowling Green, Ohio, but I'm also from the Columbus, Ohio area. Home to me is also New England (Massachusetts, specifically) as that's where I was born and raised. My hoop journey began in 2012 with my best friend when a mutual friend of ours showed us her hoop skills at a cook out.

Code: Pandoraspins15


Hooping Since 2015

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Im Ohio grown from a little town you've probably never heard of. Three years ago I was at a music festival watching the hoopers and I thought to myself "what is this hula hoop sorcery!?".

Code: Hoopsteady15


Hooping Since 2013

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From Dfw, TX born and raised. Recently married to my best friend & flow partner!

Code: Lunakat15



Hooping Since 2015

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Hello! My name is Lilly and i am from Cleveland, Ohio. I have been baton twirling for over 10 years and it led me to finding flow arts in 2015. Ever since i have been dabbling with other props such as Fans, staff, and aerial arts. 

Code: Lilly15


Hooping Since 2014

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I've been in the Loop game for 6 years! Fell in love with getting dizzy, May 2014. I single hoop & play with doubles sometimes(going to work on that!), I've also have been interested in Silk Fans.

Code: Gettindizzy15



Hooping Since  2014

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Hi! I’m Jes from Dayton, Ohio. My friends inspired me to pick up a hoop for the first time in 2014, but I really started diving in more in early 2020.

Code: Jupiter15


Hooping Since  

I flow and spin for joy and to encourage others to have fun while being active and dancing.

Code: Kashe15



Hooping Since  2012

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My name is Stephanie Brown aka Soulflow Butterfly! I am a sassy, creative, empathetic, INFP-T, free-spirited and passionate flow artist, and the owner/ founder of Shoreline Flow Spinistry. I learned to waist hoop for fitness back in 2012, but I discovered the magic of hoop dance in June of 2017 - my 38th birthday! I saw a Facebook post for a free local meetup with so I decided to treat myself to something different and I showed up, not knowing what to expect. I was hooked from that day on!

Code: Butterfly15

Sara R.

Hooping Since  

Hey friends I'm Sara! My friends call me Juggy! I have been hooping since 2017 And spinning Poi since 2018. Flow is my form of art! I've never been much of an artist, so when I found it.. it was beautiful. I knew my hoop was meant for me as soon as it was in my hands.

Code: Sarasmile15



Hooping Since  2017

Hey there, I’m Kendra. I’m born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been flowing since 2017, and Ive been addicted since I started. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Code: Hooplah15


Hooping Since  

I’m a 21 year old college student aiming for a B.A in dance. I joined the flow arts community with my hula hoop back in 2017 and picked it back up after a long hiatus in 2020 (this time with my 6 inch heels!). It was one of my best decisions ever!

Code: HSBriana15



Hooping Since  2014

Kyrstin is a performer, teacher and choreographer from Asheville, NC. She picked up her first hula-hoops the summer of 2014 and has hardly put them down since. When she isn’t performing with her props, she can be found bringing characters to life in the costume shop & on stage at several local community theaters.

Code: Hometree15

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