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Add a layer of Non-translucent deco tape to your hoop!


This add-on option must be paired with a hoop order to be used. If there is no hoop order purchase along with this listing purchase your order will be cancelled.


If you select two tapes in single spiral, the single spirals will be split 50/50 on your hoop!


Feel free to message us with any questions you may have through our "Contact Us" page.


All taped hoops come with a clear protective tape layer & a Polycarb connection.

If you prefer another connection material (Polypro or HDPE) please note it in your order! - Understand that Polypro & HDPE connections are easier to open and close, but are not as durable as Polycarb connections and may bend or break over time, causing gapping, or damage to the connection.

- If you choose to order your hoop with another connection material, we cannot guarantee the integrity of your connection. Understand that  should the connection become broken or gapped, you will be responsible for payment of any repairs or shipping necessary.

(Dbl) Non-Translucent Tape Add-on

  • All hoops come shipped in boxes.


    For a single hoop order, please select "Single Hoop Shipping" at checkout.

    For a multi-hoop order, please select "Multi-Hoop Shipping" at checkout.


    If you fail to choose the correct shipping at checkout your order will be cancelled.

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