All Ready To Ship hoops are sold AS IS, with no returns. Any defects/scuffing will be mentioned in description, if any at all. Discounts have already been applied to any hoops with defects/scuffing.
All Ready To Ship hoops are apart of our vending stock, meaning they often travel with us for vending and can show some minor wear due to various locations of venting (indoor and outdoor).
Tubing thickness: 5/8ths
Material: Polypro
Connection: Polycarb - Rivited shut
Diameter: 20" OD Mini Set 
Protective Tape: No
Grip Gaffer: No - can be added per request
Glitter Gaffer: No
All taped hoops come with a clear protective tape layer & a Polycarb connection.

Pixie & Poseidon -20"OD Polypro Mini Set

  • All hoops come shipped in boxes.


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