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Custom Order for Sponsee Christina W. Details & Specs as follows.

Tape Details: 2 Deluxe style mystery hoops including glow in the dark elements.  

Hoop 1: 
Tubing thickness: Dance Style Beginner 
Material: PE
Connection: Polycarb
Diameter: 38" OD
Protective Tape: Yes
Seam Accent: Mystery

Hoop 2:
Tubing thickness: 3/4ths
Material: HDPE
Connection: Polycarb
Diameter: 34" OD
Protective Tape: Yes
Seam Accent: Mystery
All taped hoops come with a clear protective tape layer & polycarb connections unless otherwise stated.

Custom order for Christina W.

Out of Stock
  • All hoops come shipped in boxes.


    For a single hoop order, please select "Single Hoop Shipping" at checkout.

    For a multi-hoop order, please select "Multi-Hoop Shipping" at checkout.


    If you fail to choose the correct shipping at checkout your order will be cancelled.

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