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*******PLEASE READ******

Example photos are just to show the variations of the below designs, example photos do not include the added gaffer that this order includes, and hoop designs will vary depending on color selections.

Please use BBSDHOOP at checkout for your class discount! (All uppercase, codes are case sensitive)

Discounts cannot be applied after checkout.

Looking to get into hooping? This is a great place to start! Hooping brings many benefits for both your body and mind, it can provide a relaxing and meditative fitness routine while still burning calories and helping you achieve fitness goals!


Beginner hoops should typically come up between your hips and your belly button, measure from the floor to a comfortable are between your hips and belly button, thats your beginner hoop size!

Dance Style (fits in hand similar to 3/4ths polypro or HDPE hoops.) Dance style is great for beginners looking to learn hoop dance and tone their bodies!


Customize this hoop by choosing the hoop diameter & colors.

Basic - Choose 4 favorite colors, tapes will include two to three vinyl colored tapes, and one colored grip gaffer tape. Comes with protective clear tape, but please note that grip gaffers will be on top of the clear layer so they are still useful! Design & tapes are chosen by us in your color choices (as long as they are are available, not all colors chosen may be used on the hoop!).

Special Listing - TyAnn Morris Hoop Class

  • All hoops come shipped in boxes.


    For a single hoop order, please select "Single Hoop Shipping" at checkout.

    For a multi-hoop order, please select "Multi-Hoop Shipping" at checkout.


    If you fail to choose the correct shipping at checkout your order will be cancelled.

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